lunes, 25 de febrero de 2013

Fría y Calculadora

- I like the new companion. They say that She is Cold and Calculating. You saw her "buttons"?
- Hey! Measure your words. Women are not your thing.
- Hey! I have Ink for these things.

jueves, 21 de febrero de 2013

Serru Xin

- Well, Welcome to the team. It's nice to have a new partner abroad, especially from China. Come, over here is your workplace.
- This chinese has me worried. Did you see his resume? They say it is of the "Saw" Dynasty: "Floor Saw".

martes, 19 de febrero de 2013

Cortes Programados

- The Water Company said the Breaks of the Pipes were scheduled: Yesterday affected to the Villages that begin with the letter "R": Recoleta and Renca. Today affects to the Villages beginning with "S": San Joaquin, San Ramón, San Miguel and Santiago. And tomorrow, it will affect those tat begin with "T": ...TOTAL.
C´mon there, in Study ! 

viernes, 15 de febrero de 2013


- Chao! - Adios! Au Revoir! Addio! Bye! Sayonara! more! I give up!
- ...Where are you going? 600 years ago that a Pope don't give up from a Casserole! Last of all, we will all die!!
- Chicken!!
- Coward!!

lunes, 11 de febrero de 2013

Humo Blanco

(TV :) "... and following the tradition of the Conclave, the cardinals, by the afternoon, wearing a Surplice and sang the "Veni Creator" in the Pauline Chapel..."
- Wow!! Did you hear? They will dress as rockers and will play "Veni" of the Band "Kreator"! Waw!!

viernes, 8 de febrero de 2013

Empleado del Mes

Since Ajnar came to this office, month by month, he was selected as "Employee of the Month".
Do not even bother holding two hands and one eye for chatting.

viernes, 1 de febrero de 2013

Nuestras "Cositas"

- Give me your atention, please. Begins the Closing doors.
Be careful with your belongings, things and "stuff"..
<<In a world without Original Sin, would increase our concerns>>